The philosophy of Lacewing is inspired by its namesake, the beneficial insect with delicate lacy wings that plays an important role maintaining balance and harmony in the landscape. To us, the lacewing represents a force that is beautiful and delicate while also being tough and functional. A concept with which we can very much identify.

The journey to Lacewing is also a culmination of professional experience gained through environmental and community stewardship. Ten years of experience building sustainable communities through public and private garden development have honed the craft and philosophy that guides our work on a daily basis.

We are passionately committed to organic landscape horticulture, sustainable landscape design and seasonal floral design.

This takes shape in the following ways…

PEACE AND QUIET: We avoid the use of gas-powered machines and only use electric machines or hand tools whenever possible. These techniques reduce our carbon impact, noise pollution and protect the health of our team. The only gas powered machine in our tool kit is our trusty blue Toyota pick- up truck.

NO TILL: We are committed to preserving and improving your soil ecosystem. Through soil building with compost, organic soil amendments, sheet-mulch and digging forks, our techniques aim to preserve soil biology while reducing landscape waste and carbon emissions.

SUPPORTING PLANTS AND PEOPLE: The Lacewing Team is a plant obsessed group of nerds that takes great joy in the hard work required to create beautiful and beneficial landscapes. We seek to build and maintain peaceful, cozy and harmonious landscapes through ecologically informed design and organic horticulture techniques that support backyard ecosystems and the people that love them. We value and respect our relationship with you and your landscape.

CREATIVE REUSE BOTANICAL DESIGN: We firmly believe in the power of nature’s beauty, in the landscape or in a vase. Our floral design approach seeks to repurpose pruned clippings and foraged backyard blooms to create seasonal, local and sustainable floral designs.

We look forward to sharing our vision, drive and passion for this work with you.

Our Team

Britt Willey>

Owner.  Lead Plant Lover.  Designer.

Since childhood, I have been enamored by nature, creating captivating arrangements of discovered natural treasures. Lacewing is an extension of my desire cultivate productive and balanced ecosystems where nature’s perfect creations can grow and thrive. Our holistic approach to horticulture is grounded in both art and science with the goal of developing beautiful and beneficial landscapes that support local ecosystems and the people the love them. My professional experience includes work with Erin Lau Design, Laila Suidan of Down to Earth Landscape, the Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Washington Park Arboretum, London Plane Flowers, NeighborSpace (Chicago), WRD Environmental (Chicago) and the Chicago Department of Environment have cultivated my firm belief in the vital importance of respect for diversity -in plants and people – as an essential part of building sustainable and thriving urban ecosystems. While I firmly believe that passion for plants is the most important ingredient to our work, I am also a Master Gardener, Master Composter, experienced pruner that is also pursuing educational resources at the South Seattle College School of Horticulture. When not working with in the garden, I can be found hoarding plant materials for an interior botanical installation or floral design.

Braden Begg

Crew Leader.  Certified Professional Horticulturalist

As a spirited youth I climbed and swung my way through the vast orchards of Western Massachusetts. It was there that I first learned an intimacy with plants, that is, an understanding of the reciprocity between orchardist, farmer or gardener and the living things over which they steward. As an undergraduate at the University of Vermont, my education and research focused primarily on neuropharmacology and bioethics. These topics, however, best served to highlight the great importance I saw in our symbiosis with the natural world. When I could steal away from my studies, I constructed edible urban gardens, self-contained living machines, and low-impact wildland trails. Following my graduation I spent years working for greenhouses and garden centers, interning with holistic farmers, freelancing as a residential gardener and in my spare time, playing guitar in rock bands. As a part of Lacewing, it is my great pleasure to add my labor and passion to our projects as we strive to bring conscious gardening into bloom in Seattle.

Brandon Clark

Landscape Gardener

I was born and raised in southern Utah. Growing up among the red rock deserts of the Southwest is where my curiosity for the natural world around me began. This curiosity filled my childhood with many adventures in nature and followed me through college. As an undergraduate my passion was researching plant-pollinator interactions and how they are being affected by rising global temperatures. I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Science, with an emphasis in Land Management and a Minor in Sustainability at Northern Arizona University. After graduation I spent several seasons assisting in a long-term pollination study, researching extreme drought in pinyon-juniper ecosystems, and conducting rangeland health surveys.

At Lacewing I fuse my background in Environmental Sciences with passion for Mother Nature in order to uphold the elegancy that is Lacewing. While not at work you can find me camping, hiking, snowboarding and simply enjoying the great outdoors.

Ben Schultz

Hardscape Lead

The feel of dirt, water, wood, stone, bark, leaves – they’ve all forged tactile memories over the years. Every day of working with Lacewing awakens these memories, and that’s a gift, as is the chance to work with other talented and passionate people. Lacewing is a place where neither plant nor person is taken for granted, a place where great care in used in working with both. It’s odd that this should be a unique vision for work that affects our surroundings, where we spend our time and where we share it with those we love. But it is. Lacewing understands this and allows me to support this vision fully.

Maya Perez

Landscape Gardener

Growing up on the island of Oahu, I was surrounded by breathtaking natural environments from the very beginning.  Watching the ways in which community members cared for the land amidst gentrification and increased tourism sparked my profound respect for those who tended to the land and all its living things.

After moving to Washington for school, I spent my undergrad years researching the intersection of racism and the environment. During that time I had the opportunity to do garden education work at a Franklin Elementary School and travel to learn sustainable agricultural practices. Post schooling I worked alongside a team of friends to build an earth based home and have spent my most recent years doing anti-violence work in the LGBTQ+ community.

As a team member of Lacewing I get to blend my passions and hold the role I admired when I was young, tending to the plants as a means to care for people. When I’m not at Lacewing or working to deepen my plant knowledge, I can be found cooking, building fancy charcuterie boards, or laying in the sun.

Chris Miller

Hardscape Crew

Born and raised in Washington I have always admired the outdoors and what the PNW has to offer. I am a creative and artistically oriented person that is passionate about designing outdoor spaces. Originally having gone to college for Graphic Design, I took on woodworking to try my hand at physically building and creating my visions. From there it bloomed into a love for hands on wood and stone work, as well as learning about plants and how to implement them into such beautiful landscape spaces.

Lacewing has given me the wonderful experience of developing my skills and learning new ones to bring our clients’ vision to life. Outside of Lacewing I enjoy board game nights, floating a river, camping and working on art projects.

Erica Bowen Reich

Landscape Gardener

Seattle born and California raised, my fascination with plants grew slowly. Starting with a splurge on a half barrel container garden perched on her Brooklyn fire escape, I found important respite in any natural spaces she could find in New York City while following a career in arts management and fundraising.

Returning to the west coast in 2015 to complete a Masters degree in Arts Leadership, I found new hobbies in photographing her favorite plant friends and tilling my first ever garden of radishes, tomatoes, potatoes and kale. Immediately falling in love with the art of care and attention that gardening rewarded, I began self educating, experimenting and expanding her garden prowess with Seattle based Yes Farm and Percussion Farms. Now living in Ballard, I steward a communal home (and overplanted garden) with a dog, cats, chickens and bees.

Deeply grateful for the new community Lacewing has provided, I am thrilled to keep learning and practicing responsible garden-care alongside such a talented team of thoughtful plant lovers.

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