Pole Beans

Beans! They “fix” the soil with magical nitrogen nodules in their roots. They climb prolifically every day with their powerful little tendrils. Make plenty of beans to eat raw, sauteed, roasted, or pickled!

Scarlett Runner Bean: This is a climbing variety dry bean, most often grown for its brilliant red flowers adored by bees and hummingbirds alike (but you *can* eat it too!)

Contains 2-3 starts per pot

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Scarlett Runner Beans:

To Plant: Each plant needs at least one 6’ stake to climb (bamboo is a great choice!). Can plant 4-6in apart in full sun.

To Harvest: Most folks like to plant Scarlett Runners just for the flowers, but you can also harvest the bean pods when they’re juicy and green!

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Pole Beans

Fortex Green Bean, Scarlett Runner Bean