A beautiful root to boot! This year we are offering carrot seeds instead of starts, as they are fairly easy seeds to start and really do grow so much better if started from seed. This little sachet of seeds holds a rainbow array of carrot colors–red-purple flesh, white flesh, and classic orange.

Just cast them in your softest soil (raised bed is best!), keep them moist, and harvest in a quick 2 months!

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To Plant: You can either space seeds 2” apart in rows 2” apart, or just throw a bunch of seed all over your prepared garden bed and keep moist. Plant in full sun to part shade (at least 6 hrs of sun per day), from April-September.

To Harvest: Wait until you can see the crown of the carrot flesh emerging from the soil. Pull straight up and enjoy!

Pro tip: Leave a few carrots in the soil so they can fully flower and provide excellent food for beneficial pollinators!