Bring on the diversity, bring on the joy, bring on the pollinators! Nothing shouts “happy garden” like buzzing friends swirling around bright colored blooms. This year we are focusing on our favorite blooms that are easy to grow, truly loved by our region’s pollinators, and some are even delicious to eat!

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  • Bee’s Friend (Phacelia): Incredible flower that every gardener needs! Soil fixer *and* major pollinator attractor. Amazing, lavender colored and spiral-shaped bloom smells like pure nectar. (1 start per pot)
  • Amazing Gray Shirley Poppy: Stunning dusty-lilac colored, crinkly textured blooms (4-8 starts per pot)
  • Ziar Breadseed Poppy: bred for their scrumptious poppyseed, you too can enjoy these brilliant blooms, and then wait for their seed heads to dry and make yourself some lemon poppyseed muffins. (4-8 starts per pot)
  • ‘April in Paris’ Sweet Pea: Elegant, soft pink with yellow hues. Does best with a trellis to climb. (1 start per pot)



Sunflowers, cosmos and more coming early May 2022!

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Bee’s Friend: Incredible flower that truly lives up to its name. Soil fixer and major pollinator attractor. Smells like nectar.

To Plant: Space starts at least 4” apart in full sun.


Poppies: Joy-inducing flowers loved by nearly all gardeners.

To Plant: Plant clump in a sunny spot. Watch them grow and enjoy.

To Harvest: Leave flowers to grow a seed pod. Wait until brown and dry and then pop open for all your poppyseed needs.


Sunflowers: A mix of the Smile-inducing classic that brings all the bees to the yard.

To Plant: Place starts at least 6-12” apart in full sun.


Sweet Peas: Elegant, soft pink blooms with yellow hues. Nitrogen fixer for your soil!

To Plant: Space starts at least 4” apart in full sun. Does best with trellis to climb


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Bee's Friend, Amazing Gray Poppy, Breadseed Poppy, Sweet Pea, Sunflowers