Herbs are the great elevators of our food. They bring depth and nuance few vegetables can do on their own. We will be offering cilantro and dill for early spring and basil to pair with your tomatoes in late spring/early summer!

Contains 2-3 starts per pot

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Cilantro: A true garden necessity! Easy to grow with countless uses from every stage of the plant.

To Plant: Place starts 4-6” apart in full sun to part shade.

To Harvest: Pick leaves as needed. When the plant starts to bolt (i.e. flower), you can still eat the lacier leaves that appear (and flowers!). Flowers are GREAT for beneficial pollinators, so leave the cilantro as long as you can! Soon you’ll see fresh green seed heads that eventually turn papery brown–time to harvest your own coriander!

Dill: Required ingredient for any lover of pickles, tzatziki or fragrant salads.

To Plant: Place starts 6” apart in full sun to part shade.

To Harvest: Pick lacey leaves as needed. Keep dill in the garden as long as you can, its flower bouquet is excellent for beneficial pollinators (and beautiful in pickling jars!)

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Cilantro, Dill