Are you a new homeowner looking to feel acquainted and comfortable with your garden and how to best care for it?

Interested in the joys of edible gardening and looking for functional and sustainable ways to be nourished by your own garden?

Looking to practice the art of garden-to-table floral arrangements? Want to grow more visually striking plants and know how to care from them?

We are beginning to offer Garden Coaching and Consultation, which will include:


Best Tools List + Care

Recommended Reading + Book List

Lacewing Garden Care Handout


It is our goal to help you start an everlasting relationship with your garden.

We provide personalized garden advice, help you solve existing design challenges, and show you how to overhaul your garden on your own terms.

Consultations are $120/hr, typically lasting 1-2 hours, with payment due at the time of the meeting.

Please contact us to learn more and get started!